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Saturday 2 September 2023

The Authentic Sound: K&K Pure Mini Microphones for Classical and Acoustic Guitars!

The K&K Pure Mini Microphones: Capturing Your Guitar's Natural Sound. Learn about feedback reduction, versatility, and expert advice for your instrument. We are an authorized distributor
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K&K Sound’s Pure Mini microphones are passive microphones designed for classical and acoustic guitars. They are engineered to capture the natural and authentic sound of the guitar while minimizing unwanted interference and feedback. Here are some key points to know about K&K’s Pure Mini microphones:

Discreet Installation

K&K pickup for acoustic guitar

Pure Mini microphones are designed for discreet installation. They are typically mounted under the guitar’s bridge, between the sides and the soundboard. This position allows them to capture sound vibrations directly from the source, contributing to a more natural sound.

Passive Microphones

Pure Mini microphones are passive microphones, which means they do not require additional electrical power like active microphones. This simplifies the installation and reduces the need to change batteries frequently.

Three Sensors

The Pure Mini system consists of three individual piezo-electric sensors, each placed in a very precise location. This arrangement captures the specific vibrations of each string, contributing to a balanced and precise sound reproduction.

Natural Sound

One of the key goals of Pure Mini microphones is to reproduce the natural sound of the guitar without excessive coloration. Passive microphones tend to be less intrusive in terms of altering the instrument’s sound, which can appeal to musicians seeking maximum sonic fidelity.

Feedback Reduction

Due to their placement beneath the bridge, Pure Mini microphones are relatively less prone to causing feedback (larsen) compared to certain other types of microphones. However, as with any pickup system, the playing environment and the amplification used can influence the likelihood of feedback.


Pure Mini microphones are suitable for a variety of playing styles and musical genres. Their balanced sound reproduction makes them a popular choice among musicians looking to preserve the authentic sound of their guitar.

It’s important to note that the sound experience may vary depending on the type of guitar, the amplification used, and personal preferences. Before installing a Pure Mini microphone system or any other pickup system, I recommend a thorough inspection of the guitar to receive advice tailored to your instrument and needs. We are an authorized distributor of the brand and can order all products from the catalog. Visit K&K website.