A well-tuned instrument is essential for a musician. The setup allows you to play without constraint and under the best conditions. Make an appointment now with a professional.


Thanks to the experience of manufacturing, we can advise our customers the best solution to repair a broken instrument. Make an appointment to get a free quotation.


We offer custom guitar making. Some models are already available. Visit the Guitar page for more information. 


My job is to check your guitar’s settings and to assess its global “health”. Then, I can start do the necessary adjustments and obtain the best possible setup, considering your instrument and your playing style. Also, a yearly adjustement of your instrument allows it to keep its best setup season after season and to withstand humidity and temperature variation.


“With hundred guitars and basses repaired each year, we offer our customers an unique expertise. Our passion and detail attention allow us to offer an excellent guarantee on all our work. We know that every musician is different and we will do everything for give you the best service. We want perfection in our work, whether in setup or in guitarmaking. ”

Mr Denat


New model of electric guitar: the Gloster Meteor. Presented for the first time at the 2019 Sound Festival, the Gloster experienced immediate enthusiasm from the musicians. Behind its vintage design, this guitar hides extreme playability. With its ultra-thin carbon-reinforced neck, unrestricted access to the 24th fret and its 25 ” pitch, the Gloster is an extremely light and versatile guitar without compromising on sound and playability.


All my guitars are handmade here in Montreal. The woods I use are of superior quality and are stocked in a environment controlled facility.


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Luthier Montréal - Réparation guitare luthier Montréal, guitare classique-acoustique-électrique basse ukulélé et mandolines


Guitare classique de luthier faite au québec à Montréal


guitare denat montréal modèle ramirez


Guitar making is a blend of tradition and innovation. On one hand, we inherit a noble and traditional craft, on the other hand we have total liberty on how to design the instruments. Each guitar that I make is unique and expresses its own personality. Being played year after year, the instrument will open and reveal the acoustic features of its wood and polish. A well-made guitar will age and be able to be passed downed generations of musicians, this is what I propose to musicians.


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It is in the Rosemont district in Montreal, that guitar-making workshop found its place. It is more precisely in the J.S. Fry & Sons chocolate factory (now Cadbury) that we exercise our passion. Inaugurated in 1920, this factory occupies a large lot on the north side of the track, at the corner of avenue De Lorimier. Its facilities extend beyond the Canadian Pacific Railway and the boundaries of the former De Lorimier district. The factory closed in the late 1970s and the building is occupied by various companies like ours. After a walk through the vast corridors of the factory you will push our doors to discover the largest collective of luthiers in the world! It is with pleasure that we will take a tour of our place to all enthusiasts. See you soon !

Sylvain Allard

“Very friendly and made my guitar like new after 10 years of owning it! Totally recommended”

Paul Lucyk

“Quick service. Good quality work at the right price. Highly recommend.”

Marco Garofalo

“Mr. Denat is a well-informed and solution-oriented luthier. He is patient and provides professional services at a reasonable price.”

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