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Electric, acoustic, classical and bass guitar

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Guitare posée dans un atelier


A well-tuned instrument is essential for a musician. The setup allows you to play without constraint and under the best conditions. Make an appointment now with a professional.

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Homme réparant une guitare


Thanks to the experience of manufacturing, we can advise our customers the best solution to repair a broken instrument. Make an appointment to get a free quotation.

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Alexandre Denat fabriquant un instrument


We offer custom guitar making. Some models are already available. Visit the Guitar page for more information.

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The perfect tone


The excellent reputation of our settings is based on three fundamental pillars. At the Lutherie Denat workshop, it is first of all essential to listen to your needs in order to understand your request and translate it into specific actions. We then take the time to explain each of these actions so that you are aware of all the work carried out on your guitar. Finally, we validate with you the execution of each step in our show-room to ensure that everything complies with your request and, if necessary, to make the modifications immediately in your presence.
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Choose the best products

Workshop partners

We are distributor of Knobloch Strings for classical and flamenco guitar. We choose our partners carefully to offer you the best products. If I chose to make this partnership with Knobloch, it is above all because the company aspires to the same goals as the workshop: to offer the best without compromise. The Spanish brand has been used by professionals for more than 50 years with artists such as Leo Brouwer, Roberto Aussel or Diego Torres Amaya.

Logo de Knobloch Strings

A selection is available at the workshop, nylon and carbon, high and normal tension. The strings are available at a price of 29.50 +txs.

Classical guitar Romanillos design

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Travail de précision sur instrument de musique

Guitarmaking a multidisciplinary profession


With hundred guitars and basses repaired each year, we offer our customers an unique expertise.

Our passion and detail attention allow us to offer an excellent guarantee on all our work.

We know that every musician is different and we will do everything for give you the best service. We want perfection in our work, whether in setup or in guitarmaking. ”

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Pierre-Alexandre Denat

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