Pierre-Alexandre Denat, Guitar Luthier in Montréal.


Guitar making is a blend of tradition and innovation. On one hand, we inherit a noble and traditional craft, on the other hand we have total liberty on how to design the instruments. Each guitar that I make is unique and expresses its own personality. Being played year after year, the instrument will open and reveal the acoustic features of its wood and polish. A well-made guitar will age and be able to be passed downed generations of musicians, this is what I propose to musicians.



I first took classes of bass guitar and then discovered nylon stringed classical guitars and singing. Now, I mostly play folk acoustic guitar. Playing guitar, I passed through different genres, following my interests and tastes. I mostly play for pleasure alone of with other musicians, styles that array from Bluegrass to folk and Gospel. Being a longtime aficionado for folk music, I have a lot of interest in vocal polyphony/harmony. This being said, I also maintain a strong interest for electric instruments and electro music, styles I sometime integrate in my compositions.



I learned guitar making and fixing at Bruand school of Lutherie in Montreal, Quebec. During the three years of my cursus I was lucky enough to study with Master Luthiers René Wilhelmy, jeff Demers and Hugues Lefort. This in depth and very complete learning allowed me to first work fixing and adjusting guitars. I am now a member of the Collectif des luthiers de La Corde, a unique place in Montreal home of many creative and innovative guitar makers.

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