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The perfect setup


The excellent reputation of our settings is based on three fundamental pillars. At the Lutherie Denat workshop, it is first of all essential to listen to your needs in order to understand your request and translate it into specific actions. We then take the time to explain each of these actions so that you are aware of all the work carried out on your guitar. Finally, we validate with you the execution of each step in our show-room to ensure that everything complies with your request and, if necessary, to make the modifications immediately in your presence.

An expert for your instrument

Our maintenance plans


Hourly work

For lutherie and electronic work

80 $/H +txs
  • Project evaluation and estimate
  • Some materials such as wiring are included in the price
  • The price includes the expertise, the machines, the tools and all the means used to carry out your project.
  • Each project is unique, which is why no estimate will be made over the phone or by email.
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A very complete offer to make your instrument as pleasant to play as possible.

90 $ +txs
  • Guitar (or bass) inspection
  • Adjustment of all parameters according to your play
  • Wood and electronic cleaning
  • Minor repairs
  • Installation of new strings (strings not includes)
  • 30 days warranty
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Maintenance & Frets leveling

Setup +

Frets levelling with setup include

230 $ +txs
  • Guitar (or bass) inspection
  • Adjustment of all parameters according to your play
  • Wood and electronic cleaning
  • Minor repairs
  • Installation of new strings (strings not includes)
  • 30 days warranty
  • + Frets leveling
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Put your instrument first

Rush Service

When you book a Rush service your instrument is our priority. We take care of it immediately and we do the work in 30 minutes to 12 hours depending on the job. You can wait in our showroom or come back later.

"Rush" Service price


surcharge on your bill

Some examples

Frequent repairs

  • Custom bone nut and saddle

    The majority of guitars have plastic saddles (sometimes TUSQ). Changing them to bone offers many advantages: more projection, more pitch, definition and clarity. The pieces are handcrafted by the craftsman.

    denat guitar montreal
  • Broken headstock

    It is unfortunately quite common to break the headstock of the guitar. We see them regularly and some brands like Gibson require special attention.

    broken headstock
  • Électronic repair

    If the cleaning included in our Setup and Setup + package isn't enough to get your guitar working, then we need to do a check-up and change components.

  • Installing components

    We can install your new pickups, new tuners or any other upgrades to your guitar or bass. We are partner of several brands and suppliers such as Stewmac, Bare knuckles, NextGen Guitars, K&K… Contact us for prices.

    custom guitar
  • Refret

    When the fret levelling is no longer possible, the frets must be changed. This is also an opportunity to sand the fingerboard to correct any issues that may have developed over time. Please note that we no longer offer service for maple fingerboards, however we can refer you to another professional.

    refret guitar
  • Crack repair

    The hygrometric conditions of the region are very difficult for your instruments. We are here to repair the cracks in your guitar and advise you so that this accident does not happen again. You can also check out our Blog for more informations.

    Martin guitar repair
  • Bridge repair

    Due to the quality of assembly of the instrument or simply because of the storage conditions, it is possible that your bridge will take off. It must be quickly put back in place properly so as not to cause more damage to the soundboard.

    repair guitar bridge

what is a good setup ?

Why getting your guitar a setup is important

My job is to check your guitar’s settings and to assess its global “health”. Then, I can start do the necessary adjustments and obtain the best possible setup, considering your instrument and your playing style. Also, a yearly adjustement of your instrument allows it to keep its best setup season after season and to withstand humidity and temperature variation.

Caisse de guitare vue de haut

What are the settings ?

As each instrument is different, it is difficult to list them all, however here are some examples. To avoid “buzz”, “sizzle” or other parasitic noises, checking and correcting the saddles and frets is essential. A change of saddle or a leveling of the frets may be necessary depending on the configuration of the instrument. The the neck relief also has a major role in playing comfort and the proper functioning of the instrument. Verification of all other components is carried out to offer the most suitable solution to the musician.

Luthier vérifiant l'ajustement d'un instrument

The setup + and the frets levelling

What is a fret leveling ?

Frets are subject to an array of pressure and tensions linked to the guitars structure, weather changes, aging, playing, etc. As a consequence, they can raise, detach, flatten or simply get used up hence provoking parasite noises. In order to see whether the frets need leveling I check them 3 by 3 lengthwise and assess any type of unevenness

When does a complete refretting is needed?

Changing the frets can be useful when a leveling becomes impossible (frets are too worn out). Before going for a total refretting, it is often possible to just change the most problematic ones. It will be my pleasure to assess what is the best possible solution for you and your instrument.

Perfect tone

Custom bone nut and saddle

We are considering a change of nut for two main reasons. When the nut is too low to the instrument and/or when you want to upgrade your instrument. The role of the nut is to distribute the spacing of the strings and to transmit the vibrations. The higher the density of the saddle, the more the vibration will circulate easily. In the industry, even on high-end instruments, saddles are neglected, they are prefabricated in soft plastic. Bone saddles are handcrafted and definitely improve the overall quality of your guitar.

wood for guitars

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